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Welcome!   Whether you are a contractor hoping to get paid on schedule,  a homeowner hoping to get the job done on time and on budget,  a parent facing the financial or  child custody issues presented by a  possible divorce,  or the victim of an accidental injury.  We are here to provide you with answers to your questions and to put you on the road to  achieving an outcome that works for you. 

We start by being readily available  to you on-line, by phone, and in person to discuss your concerns even before you decide whether or not you need to hire a lawyer. You may also visit our blog and ask general questions or offer us your feedback there.   In addition,  we make every effort to make ourselves available quickly for low cost, or, in some cases, no cost,  in-person consultations.  When we sit down together for the first time, we can  sort out the issues you face and help you to understand your options, and what to expect in terms of outcome and estimated costs, all without any obligation on your part.

So, welcome to our website.  Take time to look around  and let us know how we make your life easier or your business run better.   Then,  if you need to know more,  give us a call or send us a question.  There's no need to wait until business hours.

Now, a word about our practice:

We are active trial lawyers and have also represented many clients in appeals concerning issues as diverse as divorce, partition of real estate, and eminent domain.  Our practice centers on five general areas of law:  Personal Injury, Family Law, Construction Law, Real Estate, and Senior and Estate Planning.

Not all of our work involves litigation, however, and many of our clients rely upon us to help them with business and personal planning of all sorts.  Most of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth including referrals from lawyers and other professionals as well as from former clients.

Here at Lochiatto and Lawrence we devote a great deal of energy to assuring that our clients get the most from our services and, to that end, in educating our clients about how they can most effectively participate in their own litigation or planning.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive exceptional value and a satisfying return on each dollar spent on legal services.  In addition we strive always to gain a full understanding of our clients' individual goals and priorities so that we can  tailor our services to be fully consistent with their unique needs.

To explore the areas of practice that interest you or for more information,  click on the up arrow then click on 
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