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For the convenience of our clients, we accept all major credit cards.

We also accept other standard forms of payment.


There is no charge for an initial consultation on any personal injury case.  Your initial consultation on most other matters will be charged at a flat rate of one hundred dollars.  If you decide at the time of your initial consultation that you wish to retain us to represent you, the flat fee will not be separately collected, but will be charged against your retainer on your first monthly billing.  If you wish to pay for your initial consultation by credit card,  you should do so online before your appointment.


In most cases, no retainer fee is charged when we accept your personal injury case.  Personal injury cases include automobile and other motor vehicle accidents,  slip and fall cases, medical malpractice cases, and other cases concerning injuries you have suffered due to the negligence of another person.  Our fees for such cases are collected only at the end of your case and represent a percentage of the damages we recover on your behalf.  Under Connecticut law, out-of-pocket costs are the responsibility of the client, but normally these too are deferred and paid out of your settlement.


Normally, a retainer is required at the time we accept your case.  The amount depends on the complexity of your case and the estimated time needed to complete it.  In order to make legal services more easily affordable we generally charge an initial retainer that is lower than the estimated total fees on your case, and request that you maintain a credit balance in your account at a level somewhat lower than the initial retainer. This is accomplished with one or more periodic replenishments based on the amount of time actually being devoted to your case.  We produce  statements for all clients that itemize the time and expense charges that have been made against the retainer  on a tenth of an hour basis.  In this way,  our clients can stay aware of the cost of representation and can factor the costs of litigation into their decisions regarding the management of their mattter.  In between  statements,  clients are invited to make phone inquiries regarding the status of their accounts as needed. 


If your company routinely uses the services of lawyers in the development, facilitation, or management of construction projects, you would benefit from prepaying legal fees. Therefore, as a convenience to our business and constrution clients, we offer prepaid legal services based on substantially reduced hourly rates. After consultation on the nature of your legal needs, we will agree on an annual fee. 

Covered services include unlimited phone, office or on-site consultation; document review and preparation; research; correspondence; contract negotiation and negotiations on your behalf with owners, architects, subcontractors, etc.  In most cases, litigation services are separately charged although prepayment clients will be charged at a reduced rate for litigation as well.

The benefits you receive from anticipating and prepaying legal services are guaranteed even if you later find you needed fewer hours of service than  you expected.  In such a case, we will gladly extend the period of service at the discounted rate until the full number of hours for which you contracted have been used.  Thereafter, in your next retainer period, you will be charged at the rate most appropriate for your adjusted demand for services.