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Al Lochiatto was born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts.  He graduated with honors from Tufts University in 1976 and earned his Juris Doctor degree from Boston University School of Law in 1979.

Al practiced law at Faneuil Hall in Boston until 1987 when he came to Connecticut to join forces with Lois Lawrence to form Lochiatto and Lawrence.  He has extensive experience in personal injury law, construction law, criminal law, estate, family and probate law.  He is licensed to practice both in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Although he has resided full time in Connecticut since 1986, he continues to represent Massachusetts contractors on an ongoing basis in the creation and follow-through of their new projects.  He also represents both property owners and builders in Connecticut and encourages his clients to focus on solid contracts at the outset of any project as the best way to avoid problems and disputes later on.

Lois Lawrence graduated in 1976 from The University of  Massachusetts at Amherst with high honors in economics.  She earned her Juris Doctor degree from Boston University in 1979 and has practiced trial and appellate law in Connecticut ever since. 

Her practice is devoted primarily to family law.  She has served the Connecticut judicial system as a court-appointed family Special Master for many years and has also served as a Trial Referee, Fact-Finder, and Arbitrator.

In addition to divorce and family law at the trial level, Lois has prosecuted and defended numerous appeals and has written and practiced extensively in the area of eminent domain.

With regard to her family practice, she believes very strongly in guiding her clients through active participation in the preparation of their cases consistent with their particular comfort levels.  In this way,  the positive aspects of planning for a new family structure can come into focus more quickly and  negative aspects of the adversarial process can be minimized for the benefit of everyone involved.  Additionally, clients are empowered to make the most effective use of legal services assuring the best results at the least cost.