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Family law has been a large part of our practice from the inception and we handle all types of family law disputes including divorce, legal separation, custody and visitation disputes, and the review of existing orders.  

The conduct of a family law case must always depend on the priorities and wishes of the client whose family must be restructured to meet a new reality and whose financial future and personal relationships will be profoundly affected.  No single style of lawyering in this intensely personal area of law is appropriate in all cases. 

While some of our clients prefer to participate fully in the decision making, data collection, and negotiation concerning their cases, other clients prefer to take a less active role and feel more comfortable allowing us to act more fully as their spokesman and case strategist while they turn their attention to the healing process which they and their family members typically face in the wake of a marital breakup. 

For all of our clients we provide maximum guidance and support.  We have authored a brochure specifically designed to instruct our clients in how to make the most of our services  by providing us with useful information relevant to their cases and organizing that information in a way that minimizes the amount of billable time necessary for us to make the best use of that information.  We also offer tips on  how to communicate questions to us in the most efficient way possible.  In support of this we provide a variety of forms and materials designed to insure that important facts are not overlooked and that we are fully prepared and empowered to offer them effective representation at every stage of their case.

Our family law services are not limited to divorce and post divorce litigation.  We also handle issues related to the breakup of unmarried partners as well as adoptions and document preparation to facilitate estate and family management planning of all sorts.

If you have suffered physical abuse at the hands of a family member, we can assist you in obtaining an immediate restraining order for your protection.  Most people are not aware that there are remedies for physical abuse by a spouse which go beyond any relief you may receive in a divorce and to which you may be entitled even if your divorce has been completed.  To learn more, see our discussion of  spousal torts on our Injury and Accident Law page or make an appointment to discuss your options.

We are experienced appellate lawyers as well and have represented family law clients in both the Connecticut Appellate Court and the Connecticut Supreme Court. 

Our initial conference in family law cases is charged on  a reduced flat fee basis.  Thereafter, if you decide to entrust your matter to our firm,  fees  will be charged on an hourly basis.  We account for our time through regular itemized monthly statements and make sure that our clients are kept fully apprised of the status of their accounts as well as future time estimates so that they can factor legal costs into their ongoing decision making throughout the litigation process.